1. Does City Waste offer multiple sizes of containers?
    Yes, City Waste provides three standard size roll-off
    containers: 20, 30 and 40 cubic yard. Click here to
    see a size chart for each size container.

  2. Does City Waste offer temporary service?
    Yes, City Waste offers temporary roll-off service to some of the
    largest construction companies in the Houston metro area.

  3. Does City Waste offer compactor service?
    Yes, City Waste can provide your business with many options
    when it comes to compactors. We have 2yd, 3yd, 4yd, self contained
    and pre-crusher machines. Click here to see samples of some of our
    compactor installations.

  4. Can City Waste repair my equipment?
    Yes, City Waste can provide emergency repair services as well as
    routine maintenance.

  5. Can City Waste configure a compactor to load from a dock?
    Yes, City Waste can custom manufacture your dock setup.
    We can provide something as routine as a drive on ramp or
    something as complex as a through-the-wall shoot. Click here to see
    some of our samples

  6. Does City Waste offer recycling services?
    Yes, City Waste can consult your business on the most effective
    recycling program based on your building design, trash/recycling
    flow, types of commodities and your business goals.

  7. Will my trash be handled in an environmentally friendly manner?
    Yes, City Waste only utilizes landfill and transfer facilities that are
    registered with the State and are in good standing. We will never
    jeopardize your business by improperly disposing of your waste.

  8. Does City Waste offer weekend service?
    Yes, City Waste offers service Monday through Saturday.

  9. Does City Waste provide residential service?
    City Waste does not provide weekly curb-side residential service.

  10. Does City Waste provide front-end-loader service?
    City Waste does not provide front-end-loader service at this time.
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